Digital Dance Festival 2020

The Digital Dance Festival was a 5 day event that took place 6-10th July 2020.

I wanted to create a festival during Lockdown, when we find ourselves more isolated and not moving as much, to keep fellow dancers, dance artists and dance lovers moving and grooving!

I also wanted to celebrate and support other independent artists from around the UK that are doing amazing work within dance and their communities.

From Home

‘From Home’ is a project that started in April 2020 during the nationwide lockdown in the UK.

I wanted to create a project that was uplifting and kept people creative and connected.

Eighteen dancers (and some family members) took part in weekly creative tasks set by myself to create and develop some beautiful, unique movement.

Here is the final film.

The Seedling Dance Story

A creative collaboration between Karen Louise Dance and Anna Rowe Dance. From an original duet in 2017, we created and developed the work into a promenade performance for family audiences.

The performers take the audience on a journey through the woods, exploring the wonders of nature close up. Watching and helping the seedling after it’s departure from it’s mother plant, into an unknown land where human impact takes it’s toll.

This project was funded by The Arts Council England in 2019. We grew the project, bringing on board 25 inter-generational community dancers and 2 professional dancers. We also delivered the project within two primary schools in Suffolk, working with a Year 4 class to create their own version of The Seedling Dance Story.

Performed in two sites, Blakenham Woodland Garden, Ipswich and Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s, Foxburrow Farm Nature Reserve, Woodbridge in 2017 and 2019


This work is a collaborative semi-autobiographical piece. Karen, working with local composer Amy Mallett, to tell her personal story of dealing with loss.

Performed at Raw, Creative Heart Platform @ DanceEast 4th July 2016

Cotton On!

This work is in a research and development stage. The piece focuses on clothes pollution; what happens to the clothes we throw away and the impact of this on our planet and it’s inhabitants.  

Karen is hoping to turn this work into a dance film in 2021.

R&D version performed at Creative Heart Platform @ UoS 15th May 2017

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